About Us

Your Reliable Plumber in Arizona

Crystal Clear Plumbing, was started by Robert and Nancy Weeks in 1984. Robert already had 10 years’ experience in the plumbing world, as he worked for Roto Rooter in Reno, Nevada, and was taught by one of the very best. They had been living in Arizona for about a year when they decided to start their own plumbing business. While raising three young children, Robert and Nancy worked various jobs while building Crystal Clear Plumbing. They taught both of their sons plumbing skills as they both at one time worked with Robert. Crystal Clear Plumbing’s mission has always been to give its customers the best service possible while offering a fair price.

Crystal Clear first started out advertising in the yellow pages and mailing out fliers. When the company got to the point of having a strong customer base it wasn't necessary to do much advertising, as most of the business was coming from referrals. When customers saw excellent work was done at such reasonable prices, they told their friends and neighbors.

Crystal Clear Plumbing is a strong Christian company and expects all the employees to follow this lead. Crystal Clear is a drug free. The company's practices are kept at a high standard. Employees are to be courteous and respectful to all customers. They clean up after jobs and wear shoe covers to ensure that they will not track dirt into the houses or businesses they work at. Crystal Clear offers the customer the courtesy of knowing what a job will cost, before any work is done, and all customers are charged the same as Crystal Clear uses a flat rate pricing method. Crystal Clear is a company you can trust and that is what makes Crystal Clear Plumbing stand above the rest.