Quality Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Arizona

We are the absolute best in this industry. I am not just saying this; I have 35 years in this business, and I train my guys how to do it right. No bull!

There are thousands of guys that make all sorts of claims. Don’t be suckered in by these ‘$49.95 I will clean any drain’ claims that are plastered all over the side of their trucks. It won’t work and here is why. After this many years in business, I know what the overhead is. At $49.95 you cannot meet your overhead. Period. So they use this scam to get in the door and then upsell you into a ton of things you never needed. There are two schools of thought in this business. One is you get in the door and rob these people for as much as you can and you don’t care if you never see them again. The second, the school of thought Crystal Clear Plumbing adheres too, is that you give a customer a fair product at a fair price. I find that most people do not mind paying a fair price, they just don’t want to feel like they got ripped off. You see, I want my grandkids to work for your grandkids. It is not a question of if you are going to have plumbing problems, everyone does. We just want you to call us when you do.

We have all of the best equipment in the market. We have ¾” x 140’ machine. These are for sewer lines from 4 to 10 inches in diameter. They can be stacked if the line is longer. We have ½” x 80’ machine (also stackable). This cable can be used to clear lines from 2 to 4 inch lines. We have a 3/8” machine designed for smaller inside lines. This cable is 90’ which makes it capable of reaching the next bigger pipe in most homes. And then we have a ¼” machine designed for the smallest lines.

We also have state of the art jetting equipment designed for the toughest jobs. It is a US Jetter 4018. This machine is capable of cleaning pipe up to 36” in diameter. This machine gets more use than most all the others. Reason is that we do a lot of preventive maintenance using this machine. It is used almost every day. It also has adapters to take it down so we can jet even smaller inside lines. There are a number of plumbing companies that call us when they can’t get the lines they’re working on open. They know we can. We are careful not to steal any of their customers. They know this so they don’t mind using us. We just act as sub-contractors to their business. We use this jetting equipment in our restaurant and hospital work as well.

We can get any line open. If we can’t because of breakage or some other reason we do not charge.

We also have a complete set of camera and pipe locating equipment. This equipment is also the best available. We can make and send a video right from the job site to anyone’s smart phone or computer. We can tell the direction, depth and any other information they want directly from where we are. We also have complete smoking equipment for finding leaks in sewer and waste vents. We have been employed by a couple of cities when they have odors they can’t find. We do a lot of work in restaurants for odor issues.

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