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A Number of things fall under the category of plumbing service. In fact, just about anything that fails in plumbing results in some sort of service to correct. If it has to do with plumbing, if water flows to it, from it, or through it, then plumbing service is probably needed. This is the very essence of what makes a good service plumber so valuable. His ability to quickly locate and correct the problem. A good service plumber must be able to diagnose and repair any type of problem that occurs. From water heating systems including: water heater, tankless water heaters boilers, on demand systems, and a whole host of others. All sorts of different brand faucets, including automatic, temperature and pressure balance. These can be very complicated and that is why our employees are sent back to school to stay abreast of the latest updates and changes in this field. This training does not come cheap. The cost of training, the cost of transportation to Nashville, St Louis, Florida, or where ever the training happens to be. Plus, the business that he misses out on etc. We do this so we are the best in the field. Water closets (toilets) come in a large verity of styles with lots of different flushing mechanisms. And a whole host of other products that would take pages to discuss.

Long story short 30 plus years in the business and continued training is what makes Crystal Clear by far the best in the industry. We are not always the cheapest, but in the long run you will save. We don’t install anything in your home that we wouldn’t put in own family’s house. We don’t put the best in (unless that’s what you want). We normally install midline products that we know would not give our parents trouble down the road. By the way, we won’t install cheap products like some of those available at the big box stores even if you buy them. Please don’t ask us to. We know cheap brands like Glacier Bay will give problems in a very short time. The funny thing is people tend to remember the installer over the brand name and we have too much integrity to get tagged with one of these companies.

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