Excellent Whole House Filtration in Arizona

Water filtration in homes in the valley is almost mandatory. Let’s take a quick look at the options. RO (reverse Osmosis) systems. Usually a unit placed under the kitchen sink to filter out all the impurities from the water so you’re not getting any of the stuff that is naturally in our water which is plenty in the valley. The problem with RO is that it removes 99.9% of everything that is in the water. Granted it removes all those horrible chemicals that the municipalities add to kill off the natural bugs in the water (namely chlorine). I am not knocking the powers that make these decisions. Truth is they are working. We haven’t had a water borne illness in this country in over a hundred years so, it works. They super chlorinate the water every so often and that gets the water to your house bug free. That’s what they promise to do, and they do it. They also tell you they are going to deliver the water bug free to your home and what you do with it after that is up to you. The problem with chlorine is that it can’t tell the difference from you and a bug. Consequently, most people either have RO units under their kitchen and drink only from it, or buy bottled water. Well, that’s a start in the right direction. First let me tell you that most (not all) bottled water is nothing more than RO water. Read the label. Second, be aware that no one regulates this industry. You never really know what you’re getting. In fact, in random studies it has been found that the value of water from case to case varies dramatically. Here comes the hard fall: Remember I said 99.9% of everything is stripped from the water? What that means to the human body is that no, (none, nada), gain is committed to the body. It has no value whatsoever to your system. A person could actually die of thirst trying to get hydrated from RO water. And what about bathing? You take a nice hot shower or bath and the heat causes your pours to open up allowing these chemicals in. What else are you doing? You’re breathing. Now you’re inhaling the fumes from this poison into your bronchial system. Did I mention that chlorine and chloroform are PROVEN carcinogens? Not a maybe, but proven to cause cancer in humans. Dr. Oz says on one of his programs not to bathe your children in this water. I agree, but one step further none of us should be letting this stuff get to us.

Let’s talk about water softening. Water softening is a system of feeding incoming water through a bundle of beads and capturing all of the minerals in the water and holding them there until the system regenerates and a flood of water is washed over the beads forcing the minerals and all the salt it takes to hold them and washing them down the drain. Because this unit is washing salt off, it cannot legally go anywhere accept down the drain and through the treatment plant. It’s the law, it must go down the drain. This process takes rom 50 minutes to an hour. That means that each night when you are backwashing you are wasting an hour’s worth of water at a ½” straight pipe down the drain. Now the really bad news, a water softener only removes the minerals, things like calcium and magnesium, things our body needs but leaving the chlorines (things that kill us). Makes no sense to have a water softener when a whole filtration built specifically for Crystal Clear can clean out the chemicals and even make your water feel softer, while leaving in the minerals that are good for us. Salt water is very difficult for the treatment plant to remove. If it were easy, we’d be drinking the ocean and have unlimited supply of water.

Because we know these units are harmful (RO & water softeners), Crystal Clear Plumbing will not repair or install these units. Let’s get it right and make perfect water at every fixture in our homes by install a Crystal Clear whole house filtration unit.

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