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 In Greek mythology, a phoenix (Ancient Greek: φοῖνιξ phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. According to some sources, the phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion, ... 



Crystal Clear Plumbing crashes and burns……

In june of 2017 I shut down the business. I had gotten sick and thought the end of my life was eminent. For obvious reasons the business was not foremost on my mind then. I attempted to keep the thing operating for the other people involved. I had people in place to continue the business, but lack of belief and confidence kept them from continuing the necessary tasks that kept the business operating for 30 years. Everything was in place to continue. When I was unable to continue everyone grabbed what they could and ran. It was an explosion of epic proportion. A flaming downfall of an iconic institution, the death of the phoenix. People I thought would never turn on me poured igniting fuel on the fire. One saviour comes to my rescue. Deacon Weeks. My son living in upstate New York. He came to my rescue and help me move from the shop. Side note; The last day clearing what we could in a mad dash to clear the property where the shop was, I had scheduled the power to be shut off and probably my last business decision, I miss planned how long it would take to get everything out and had the power shut off. That day it was 116 degrees. Poor kid died loading what we could take. I was of little use as I could hardly keep my balance and my arms were almost useless. 


 By the time all is said and done, I am bankrupt, lost the business and my home. If Deacon hadn’t come, my wife and I would have been homeless. We lost everything. God is good. All the time. All the time God is good. I had no understanding as to why all this was happening, but I know God is still in control. All I was looking for was making sure my wife would have somewhere to live when I was gone. Deacon and Jessica brought us into their home and stated it is now our home. This was the purest form of love I have ever witnessed. Through no possible gain to them, and at great expense and inconvenience to them and their family, they did the most godly thing I have ever seen. 


 Courisly as it seems, While the doctors in Arizona and in New York could not nail down the cause of my affliction, They, just the same could not determine the cause of my correction. Just as this thing slowly came over me, it slowly went away. If you look, you can see God. Don’t try to hard to figure things out, just go with it and know He is there. 


 Deacon starts Crystal Clear Services in upstate New York. Together we decide to resurrect the business in Phoenix as well. Isn’t this a fascinating paradox; The business with the logo of the dove (bird) from the bible flames out in a place called Phoenix, my son starts a plumbing business and brings back the business just like the mythical phoenix, It is only fitting that the logo be the phoenix bird. Now, watch what God does.